Prudential Ride London – 2 days to go!

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date with my blog, it’s just finding the time!  So to quickly bring you up to date – my 80’s disco raised just over £300 which was great as we had a few last minute let downs, I have started using clip- in shoes, purchased a pair of ‘rock-on-tommy’ cycling bib shorts, got my own gloves and now sporting a way too tight for the human eye ‘Alex’s Wish’ cycling jersey – ever heard of the phase ‘all the gear – no idea’ – I am rocking that look!

I have been training as much as time allows over the last few months in preparation for the Prudential Ride London, which is a 100 mile ride.  It starts in the Olympic park in Stratford, goes through central London, out to Surrey and back in to London, finishing at Pall Mall.

100 miles I can do but apparently there are a couple of nasty hills on the route which I am apprehensive about, but I figure if I focus on why I am doing this and what an amazing feeling it will be at the end I will make it through.

All this is in preparation of me doing the London to Paris, which is in July next year and so in effect I will be doing 3 prudentials in a row for that event.

My last training ride was on Sunday – 60 miles – in the pouring rain!  We went out with a bunch of us doing the Prudential this weekend (see ‘before’ photo – there is not an ‘after’). I managed to complete it – soaking wet and probably not looking much like Victoria Pendleton – but hey it’s all good!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my friends and family for their support and words of encouragement for this weekend, and their blind faith that I will manage this even though I have just really started cycling.

Obviously I am doing this for a charity that is very close to my heart so please do donate to the cause if you are able to and I’ll let you know how I get on – eeeeeek!



Started (serious) training…….

This week I have started to do a few more training rides.  I do normally pop out and do a 10-15 mile bike ride, but now it feels more serious.  Now, when I have cycled 10 miles I am thinking can I do another 7 of those in one day AND then get up and do it all again the following day and the day after…… puts me in a negative mood and I then spiral down into the ‘What the hell am I doing?’ ‘Why do I think that I will be able to ride to Paris?’ ‘I’m really not enjoying this’.

Anyway I have had a word with myself, told myself that only a positive attitude will get me through and I know that I will be able to do this.   It may take some hard work, determination and a slight change of attitude…….. but I will be able to do it.  So since then I am feeling more positive and am enjoying it more, the weather is improving and the fields I cycle by are full of spring flowers and loads of lambs.  And I keep thinking that soon it will all be over……..

This morning Danny came out with me – it was a beautiful sunny morning and whilst we were out the eclipse was due to take place.  It was really clear day so we got to see it, it did go slightly darker and quite a bit colder.  The last time I  saw the Eclipse I was also with Danny and we were outside First Data (my old work)……doesn’t seem 16 years ago.

An Eclipse Selfie

We did 16 miles this morning and it was nice to have some company, although Danny had to go slower than he normally does – but he does have a better bike ;0)


As well as the usual stuff this week I have also been trying to organise my 80’s Disco, selling tickets, gathering raffle prizes etc etc.  I have had some fantastic help from my friends, not sure what I would do without them.  Anyway it’s tomorrow night – we still have tickets  if you want to come along – it should be a fab night and after everyone’s efforts I would love for it to be a success.  Fingers crossed and I will let you know how I get on!


How it all began………


…….it all started really when Danny and I moved up to Nottingham in 1999, a long time ago, but that was when we first met Andy and Emma.  Danny and I moved in to the house next door to them, before we had kids and responsibilities.

Over the years we have shared holidays, celebrated birthdays, enjoyed days out and evenings with too much alcohol.   In 2010 we learnt the terrible news that Alex, Andy & Emma’s son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he was then aged 4 years.  It was terrible news, not only for Alex, but also to watch the pain that Andy and Emma went through trying to process this massive change to their life, their expectations of their future and what they needed to do for Alex, knowing at the time of diagnosis that there was no cure or treatment.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a muscle wasting disease, where age 12 Alex will be wheel-chair bound, by mid teens totally paralysed, by late teens, early 20’s he will suffer respiratory or heart problems that will ultimately lead to a premature death.

I can’t begin to imagine, as a parent, what it must be like to have your child diagnosed with a life limiting condition, and not only is your child’s life limited, but their life will be such a struggle and you have to make daily decisions that wouldn’t even occur to families that aren’t in that situation.

Emma and Andy are the most positive people I know and have used that positivity and energy to start a charity to raise funds to be able to invest in clinical trials and research into finding a cure and or treatment for this terrible condition.  They called the charity Alex’s Wish and Alex’s wish is that we find a cure for his poorly muscles, to give him time, time to enjoy his life and his wonderful family through finding a treatment and ultimately a cure.

Last September Emma sent out a distress signal that the charity was becoming so successful and she was getting snowed under with all the events and the day to day running of the charity and she desperately needed help.  So I had a couple of days a week that I could spare and so I could help her until she found a more permanent solution – and you guessed it I got drawn in to this amazing charity and all the fantastic things that it is doing and 6 months later I am still there………..

So back to Paris, the London to Paris event is organised by Alex’s Wish and we are hoping to get 10 people to take part this year, so far we have 6 people one of them being me………..

I have never really done anything as mad or as tough as this before, but working closely with Emma and seeing what she has to go through every day to care for Alex, all his daily needs, his medical appointments, making decisions on therapies and watching him decline motivates me – makes cycling to Paris easier.

So as I have only just started training I thought I would write a blog to keep a diary of my journey to being fit enough to ride to Paris…………all handy hints and encouragement is gratefully received.


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